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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tis the Sports Season

Dear Reader,

The sports season is back! Football, soccer, cheerleading, field hockey, and everything else under the cool fall sun is back in season.

The other day I went to a high school football game and watched as the team made touch-down after touch-down. All of the fans on my side of the stadium were into the game rooting on for the home team. Accross the way were just a few fans cheering for the defense to step it up. Then there was a break in the yelling as half time came. A lot of people got up to buy hot dogs and sodas but the majority kept to their seats to watch a beautiful arrangement of uniformed high schoolers marching and playing a great arrangement. The team ended up winning, which was a first in a while. The crowd erupted into a loud cheer and then all left the staduim as the team went back into the locker room.

This makes me wonder. Why is everyone (stereotypically) obsessed with football?

Your's Truely,

The AverageGinger

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