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Hello there!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

School is Starting Now??

Dear Reader,

Back to school is officially here. Every one is out buying their last minute outfits, binders, and notebooks to be prepared for the first day of their new year. The little kids in my neighborhood are outside playing all day to get in their last bits of fun in before school takes them over. Houses that were vacant almost all summer are now full with jumpy little kids excited to be back with their friends.

The private school in my town starts next week (a week earlier than public) and all of the public school kids make sure to rub it in. Then the private school kids point out they get into summer a week earlier next year and then a debate breaks out about which is better. Me, I just stand back and watch. I've gotten my last ice cream cone in with my friends and then its back to work for me.

All the chaos created for school to start, isn't it great? Pretty soon the kids getting ready will be getting ready for the last time before they are out in the working field or heading off to college. They're the future workers of America, but right now they are in a shoe store deciding which shoes will match their new top for the school year.

Your's Truely,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facebook Frenzy?

Dear Reader,

This morning I logged into my facebook account and realized that I don't even know half of the people I am friends with. I have nearly 300 people that I have never spoken to in the real world, and it makes my wonder; why am I friends with them in the first place?

It seems that the more people you 'friend' or are 'friended' by, the more popular you are. Or at least the more popular you feel. I realize that I probably add so many people because I've seen them around and spoken to them a few times in person, but never have I casually asked them how their day was. A few more of those people are old friends from school, places I've been, or old neighbors. But the last time I saw them would have been the last time I spoke to them, so why are we friends?

Arguably it would be the past that connects us to each other and the connection we lost, facebook gives us back. It also gives you an idea of who a person is and what their interests are. But then the sense of 'stalking' creeps over. Is facebook just an easy way to stalk your old friends? or is it just a casual way to connect with your peers?

Overall, I'm not trying to put down facebook in any way, shape, or form. Infact, I love facebook and I use it every day to connect me to my family and close friends. I just want your view on why we have a habit of having so many friends.

That's just my philosophy on today's affair.

Your's Truely,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

First Day On The Blog

Dear Reader,

The first day of blogging seems to be an important oath that sets the anchor for where a particular writer comes from and what insight they plan on displaying. To be honest, I'm not sure why I had the sudden unpredictable urge to design myself a blog. I have no point to bring readers, I just would like to have my voice heard from others.

So let me tell you a little bit of who I am.

First off, I am a ginger. Sterotypically you would assume that I am Irish to have such a unique hair color.  However, you would be wrong. I am infact not Irish; instead I am Polish.

Secondly, I am completely average. I view the world from an average lifestyle. I am not rich, but nor am I poor.

Third, I aspire to become a cinematographer. I have just discovered my passion for the art and have every intention of doing everything possible to do as much possible with it as I can. So far it has become just a hobby.

Finally, I am here to bring you my insight of the world. It is such a little piece of the 'bigger picture' but maybe I can inspire you to live your own life and see a new part of the world by just a few words on a blog.

Yours truely,